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Advice for LGBT travelers to the Faroe Islands
Given the Faroe Islands’ remoteness, one might expect the Faroese to be less aware of LGBT issues than their Nordic neighbors. However, the islands are home to a powerful LGBT movement that has driven a sea change in attitudes towards homosexuality and LGBT issues in recent years. Following years of public activism, laws were introduced in 2006 which banned discrimination based on sexual orientation. Since that time, life has vastly improved for LGBT citizens in the Faroe Islands.


There have been setbacks in the movement. Efforts to introduce marriage equality in the Faroe Islands were voted down by its parliament in 2014. However, multiple polls show that more than two-thirds of the Faroese population backs such legislation. It is, therefore, only a matter of time before LGBT people have the same rights as their straight counterparts.

Pride celebrations
Public support for the local LGBT movement is most evident at Faroe Pride which always takes place on July 27th, the day before the national holiday Ólavsøka. A stunning 10% of the population takes part in the annual parade. The parade is a lively community-building event and is followed by a free concert featuring the biggest names in music in the Faroe Islands.


Night life
LGBT people will feel welcome enjoying Tórshavn´s often lively nightlife, although modesty in displaying physical affection is recommended for both LGBT and straight visitors – especially outside of Tórshavn. While there are no explicitly designated gay or lesbian bars or nightclubs in the Faroe Islands, the hip and trendy nightclub bar Sirkus Føroyar is openly gay-friendly and sometimes hosts LGBT events. Its slightly more posh neighbor, Hvonn, is also a popular choice among LGBT people and other trendy locals.


Faroe Islands´ International Minority Film Festival
Faroe Islands´ International Minority Film Festival’s (FIMFF) aim is to build a bridge between minorities and marginalised groups in the Nordic region and the rest of the world. FIMFF believes in social change and the celebration of diversity through cinema by creating a forum for dialogue through film and art about queer, trans, and people of color (QTPOC) issues/visibility. FIMFF strives to invite Nordic and international activists and filmmakers/directors to the Faroe Islands for networking and sharing experiences on relevant subjects. Learn more about the new queer filmfestival in the Faroe Islands here.

More information
If you would like to learn more about LGBT life in the Faroe Islands or what current events are on, please fell free to contact us, the only national LGBT organization in the Faroe Islands, LGBT Føroyar, directly at lgbt@lgbt.fo or visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lgbtforoyar


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