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Faroe Islands becomes 23rd country in the world to legalise gay marriage

On May 30th 2017, the Faroe Islands became the 23rd country in the world to legalise gay marriage. The Faroe Islands are the last country in the Nordic region to provide full marriage equality to all its citizens.

The Faroe Islands is also one of the last countries in Western Europe to do so. Northern Ireland and the Vatican are the last remaining countries in Western Europe that still choose to discriminate its LGBT citizens.

The Faroese Parliament, Føroya Løgting, voted 18 for and 14 againt changing the law. The new marriage law only allows for civil marriages and not religious marriages for same-sex couples.

The Faroese protestant state-church, Fólkakirkjan, is however free to bless same-sex civil marriages if they decide to create a new marriage ritual for same-sex couplesonce in the future. The church has not decided on the matter yet.

The first LGBT couples will be able to marry in the Faroe Island in late summer.

To learn more about the long road to marriage equality in the Faroe Islands please read here.


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