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It´s time to show your Faroe Pride

prideSummertime in the Faroe Islands means different things to different people but for many locals, summertime means it is time to enjoy the annual Faroe Pride celebrations. The Faroe Pride parade is a lively community-building event and is followed by a free concert featuring the biggest names in music in the Faroe Islands.

Faroe Pride which celebrates diversity, equality and the LGBT community, always takes place on July 27th, the day before the national holiday Ólavsøka.

This year a whole week has been set aside to celebrated Faroe Pride with events calumniating with the large Pride parade. The parade starts at 3 pm by the national football stadium, Tórsvøllur, and ends down by the harbour, Skálatrøð, with a free public consert. Everyone in attendance is encouraged to join the parade.

The full schedule for the Faroe Pride Week 20015 is as following:

Tuesday July 21st – Where: Sirkus Føroyar 20.00 – Free screening of the classis documentary “Paris Is Burning” (1990) about the drag ball scene in eighties New York at Sirkus Føroyar.

Wednesday July 22nd – Where: Norðurlandahúsið

08.30 English lecture with Louis-Georges Tin on “The End of the Heroic Ballads and the Beginning of Heterosexual Culture” as part of the International Ballad Conference 2015 at the Nordic House.

Thursday July 23rd – Where: TBC and Sirkus Føroyar

17.00 Help us paint the signs for the upcoming Faroe Pride parade. We have the equipment. You bring your creativity and the messages. 21.00 Pre-Pride celebrations at Sirkus Føroyar with DJ Kári Jacobsen.

Friday July 24th – Where: Norðurlandahúsið

17.00 Faroese lecture with Eiler Fagraklett: “Kynssnaring í søgu og samtíð” (Genderbending – Past and Present)

17.30 English lecture with Ugla S. K. Jónsdóttir from Iceland on: “My Life as transgendered”.

18.15 Dr. Katrin Kallsberg talks to Sofía M. J. Høgnesen from the Faroe Islands and Ugla S. K. Jónsdóttur from Iceland about being transgender in the North Atlantic.

19.00 Break (Smakka restaurant is open)

20.00 Free screening of brand new documentary “Nuka – Eskimo Diva” about transgendered Nuka from Greenland:

22.00 Q&A with Nuka and director Lene Stæhr.

Saturday July 25th – Where: Norðurlandahúsið and Sirkus Føroyar

20.00 North Atlantic Drag Show Dennis Agerblad Band (FO/DK), Nuka tha Diva (GL) og Iwona Kok (IS)

23.00 Aftershow in Sirkus Føroyar

Monday July 27th – Where: Central Tórshavn and Skálatrøð

Kl. 15.00 Faroe Pride 2015 parade starts by the national football stadium, Tórsvøllur

16.00 Free Faroe Pride concert by the harbour (Skálatrøð).


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