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12 altjóða LGBT søgur í 2012 / Top 12 Global LGBT Stories of 2012


Danska stjórnin setur samkynd hjúnabond í gildi í Danmark/ Danish parliament approves equal marriage laws

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, to which 80 percent of the Danish population belongs, is now able to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies under the new laws.

Gay couples will be able to marry in churches of their choice but priests will not be obliged to perform weddings. They would, however, need to help the couple find a priest who would marry them at the church under the new laws. Other faith groups are not compelled to allow gay wedding ceremonies in their places of worship.

Denmark’s original system of registered partnerships for gay couples was the first of its kind in the world when it was enacted in 1989.


Obama tekur undir við hjúnabandsjavnrættindi / Obama Supports Marriage Equality

In an unprecedented, historic event, President Obama affirmed his support for marriage equality on national television, speaking to ABC’s Robin Roberts.

Obama’s proclamation came soon after North Carolina voted in favor for an amendment that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and at the heels of Vice President Joe Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan saying they support gay marriage, too.

Anderson Cooper sprettir alment / Anderson Cooper Officially Comes Out

Perhaps no other celebrity who’s come out this year has faced as much speculation about his or her sexuality than Anderson Cooper. The CNN journalist told his friend Andrew Sullivan in an email: “The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.” The message was shared on Sullivan’s blog, “The Dish,” on The Daily Beast in July.

Samkynd kunnu gifast í brasilianska statinum São Paul/ Gay couples can legally marry in the state of São Paul

In mid December, a judge in the Brazilian state of São Paulo ruled that gay couples in civil unions will no longer have to apply to the courts to have their relationships ‘upgraded’ to marriages.

The judgement will effectively mean that same-sex marriage is now legal in the state. Up until now, Brazil required all couples in same-sex civil unions to personally apply to a state court in order to have their relationship recognised as a marriage.

The Supreme Court ruled that gay couples could have civil unions but stopped short of granting same-sex couples the right to marry. In May 2012, a 16-year-old bill to make same-sex unions legal was finally passed into law.

The court ruling this week will mean that foreigners who wish to marry their same sex partner will be entitled to a marriage visa, which is much easier to obtain than the existing civil union visas offered by the federal government.


4 amerikanskir statir atkvøða um hjúnabandsjavnrættindi /Marriage Equality On The Ballot In 4 States

In a truly historic election for the LGBT community, voters in four states — Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington — faced with the issue of marriage equality on November 6, 2012. Maine, Maryland and Washington legalized same-sex marriage. Minnesota voted against an amendment that would have defined marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Tammy Baldwin verður vald sum fyrsti sprotni samkyndi senatorurin í USA / Tammy Baldwin Becomes First Openly Gay Elected Senator

In what has become a historic election for LGBT people, Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) contributed to that history on November 6 when she became the first openly gay senator in the nation to win a seat in the U.S. Senate.

“I am honored and humbled and grateful, and I am ready to get to work — ready to stand with Barack Obama, and ready to fight for Wisconsin’s middle class,” Baldwin said at her victory party.

Stjórnin í Avstralia atkvøður ímóti samkyndum hjúnabondum / Australian Parliament votes against legalising same-sex marriage

It wasn’t all good news on the global equal marriage front. In September, lawmakers in the Australian Parliament overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would have introduced equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.  Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard remained against supporting equal marriage.


Sangarin Frank Ocean sprettir sum samkyndur / Hip-Hop Artist Frank Ocean Comes Out as Gay

No mainstream black male hip-hop artist has ever come out until FrankOcean did in July, just before he debuted his first solo album, “Channel Orange.”

The singer-songwriter posted a Tumblr post which read, in part, “4 summers ago, I met somebody. I was 19. He was too. We spent that summer, and he summer after, together. Everyday almost. And on the days we were together, time would glide.”

Russland stuðlar lógum móti samkyndum russum / Russia’s Support for Anti-gay Laws

2012 was a year when Russia seemed intent on turning back the clock on LGBT rights. Its second largest city, St Petersburg, passed a draconian homophobic censorship law that banned the public discussion of LGBT issues in order to protect ‘minors’.

An unsuccessful attempt was made to prosecute Madonna, when the US singer allegedly violated the law during a concert in the city in August.


Hægstirættur í USA fer at viðgera hjúnabandsjavnrætt / US Supreme Court agrees to take on marriage equality cases

The US Supreme Court said it was to decide whether the bans on gay couples marrying across many parts of the United States are unconstitutional.

Having delayed twice, some have speculated that the court will rule on the Defense of Marriage Act next summer.

Hjúnabandsjavnrættindi koma til England, Wales og Skotland / Marriage equality coming to England, Wales, and Scotland

The event of biggest political significance in the UK ocurred on 11 December, when Culture Secretary and Minister for Equalities Maria Miller formally announced in the Commons that gay couples in England and Wales would be allowed to marry after legislation is passed in 2013 – it was days after David Cameron had confirmed that he was in favour of allowing religious organisations the freedom to provide same-sex marriages.

As well as ending the ban on same-sex marriage and allowing same-sex couples to marry in churches and synagogues, the proposed new law will end the practise of forcing married couples to convert their relationship into a civil partnership if one of the couple legally changes their gender.

The Scottish Government also published its proposed legislation to introduce marriage equality in 2013 during the same week.


Frakland heldur fram við royndini at lóggeva samkyndum hjúnabondum / France pushes ahead with equal marriage – despite mass protests

Equal marriage was an issue that dominated the globe in 2012, but perhaps nowhere quite as visible as in France – the world’s most romantic nation – where enormous protests both against and in support of the measure took place towards the close of the year.Unlike his predecessor, Nicholas Zarkozy, France’s new president in 2012, Francois Hollande, came to power strongly supporting equal marriage.

The French Parliament will debate a marriage equality bill early in 2013.


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